Edward Malone Johnston II “Ed” (62) since 1981 aka “California Cowboy.” born March 30, 1962 Ed, a Constitutional lobbyist, went to argue his case in person to a higher power on September 23, 2023, at 8:31 pm.
Edward a sensitive and loving individual leaves behind his loving moms Roberta Boyd (Johnston), and stepmother, Martha Johnston; siblings Karen Wonacott (Scott), Ken Johnston (Maria), Tony Johnston (Angela), Brian Johnston (Dawn), Heather Cass (Brian), Mike Johnston (Sarah), Karl Johnston (Erica). Uncles Bill (Nancy), Tom (Debbie), Bob and Ron Johnston. Aunt Lauren Mc Lachlan (Kevin); good friend Maribeth Cook (Joe), as well as numerous nieces, nephews, and Grand nephews. Ed’s father Edward Malone Johnston pre-deceased Edward II.
Edward would like to be remembered as a Constitutionalist. Ed religiously fed the local feral cats enlisting his neighbors and caregivers to help! Many friends will fondly remember him assisting them in California and Oregon. Ed will not be so fondly remembered by elected officials, those he was going to sue, and many government employees.
Edward had an enormous heart and spent years working and advocating for families and underrepresented populations in Marin County (CA) and Lincoln County (OR). He alone collected & distributed toys & food. Regularly appearing as jolly Santa Claus. (Marin).
Loved time with family fishing, especially deep sea Salmon (Farallon Islands); camping, freshwater water fishing and deer hunting (Oregon).
Ed enjoyed time spent with neighbors, Jerry Garcia, and Carlos Santana, as a kid. His Toledo neighbors were kind friends. He proudly worked security for Uncle Charlie’s, Grace Slick, Willie Nelson, Starship (Jefferson Airplane), Robin Williams, and more.
Ed a constitutional lobbyist, since 1992; worked in the background and alongside Senator Gary George.
Ed ran for County Commissioner leading the way in issues conventional politicians feared to touch.
In cooperation with several tribes, successfully urged natural-style salmon hatcheries, redesigning hatcheries to mimic natural waterways rather than, killing to produce fish biologists would like. 1971-1974.
Ed successfully opposed closing Fall Creek hatchery, (which remains open) prompting hearings and legislation, and ODFW’s program for “natural hatcheries”. He lobbied to get salmon ODFW killed and put back in rivers as protein for other fish.
Ed successfully saw the state put up signs warning of danger at Yaquina jetty and similar jetties, protecting people and avoiding liability.
Ed was elected to the Local School Committee in Lincoln County in 2000. He and his committee were responsible for the recall of the LCSB in 2002; followed up on misspent money and privacy issues; and opposed unconstitutional LCSD surveys ignoring the rights of students and parents. It took years to end the inquiries to students to inform on parents, describe their sexual activities, illegal drug use, alcohol or possession.
Ed successfully advocated the use of low-maintenance solar-powered highway signs on roads as well as; reflecting tape on road guard rails, and glass beads in white and yellow lines (ODOT 2018).
Ed was actively involved in so many legislative and political issues only a few appear here. He, also, ensured numerous families remained intact.
Nothing pleased him more than advocating, talking or arguing politics!
The family suggests donations to your local food bank or shelter. Ed would love you to start or donate to a cat rescue.
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