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Right is map of Oregon Territory
in 1843

Historic Bailout Trial - The constitutionality of the robbery of the Treasury of the United States by the criminal Wall Street Bankers hangs in the balance.


Want to know who
influences the candidates?
Follow the Money!

For Kids:
Ben's Guide to the US Constitution

A list of Ed's Letters
and news articles of public interest

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Two or more generations born in the USA

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Read these
Civil Rights cases...

Is the Patriot Act unpatriotic?

Are you concerned about Federal and Oregon Worker's Compensation Systems?

Read the Citizens Rule Book for rights of juries, views of American founders regarding jury trials, summarizing founding documents of the United States


Your Wasted Tax Dollars

2007 Oregon House Bills

2007 Oregon Senate Bills

2005 Oregon House Bills

2005 Oregon Senate Bills

Working for a true Constitutional, Anti-Tyranny,
Anti-Corruptions, Anti-Red
Tape, Non-Ideological

Child Protective Services Resources

Who is behind Screening Children?

What do concerned citizens say about the way the City of Toledo is managed?

Mandatory Drug Testing - Judges and Police Officers

Petition in Support of Drug Testing of Judges and Police Officers

Lincoln County D.A. Barnett
Skirting Oregon Law
By Lincoln County PAC
Don't miss the printable Survey on how YOU feel about spanking. 
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Domestic violence law abuses rights of men - US Constitution states clearly that the man is king of his land or the woman is the queen of her land

Juvenile Court have no constitutional bearing in the US - this is a court designed after Great Britain. We are living in the USA!

Our opinion of Immigration

US Code - Laws regarding Business

Gun Control Act of 1968 compared to the Gun Control Act of 1938

ABC News Report on gun confiscation

A example of Gun Confiscation In New Orleans

Peace Officer's statement from Australia

Is the Real ID for real?

Family Court and Parenting in New Zealand

Are Taxes Constitutional
and Fairly Enacted?
Watch America Freedom to Fascism
by Aaron Russo

Recommedations for political actions in 2009: "One Year Later but Still Not too Late" by LaRouche

Our Nations Principles in times of Economic downturn: "1932: Speak Not of Parties But of Universal Principles" by LaRouche

Immigration and the Future: "A First Hand View of the U. S Border" by State Rep. Jeff Krupf

Constitutional Law Resources - Read for your best decision
(remember that Constitutional Law supercedes State and Local Laws)

Contitution of the United States

Other Facts about the Constitution

US House of Representatives Educational Resources

FindLaw on U.S. Constitution

List of Offenses Against the State and Public Justice

Other Legal Research links:

State and Federal Statutes and Codes,
Federal Courts Rules and Procedures

Self-Defense Cases in the US Supreme Court

Links To Our Blogs (share your experiences on issues of concern to Oregon Trackers):
Your Constitutional fish and wildlife rights

Subsistence Fishermans Ballot Measure

Statement of Sponsership for State Initiative Petition Sheet

Evolution of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Read the true facts.
Do not be mislead by wrongful interpretations:
Fishery Conservation and Management Act

DHS Human Services complaints

Protect your Constitutional Rights. We need your signatures:
Petition for Subsistence Rights

American Citizens against illegal immigration?

Do you know about the The 1917 Immigration Act?
Here is some information about it

What will change in 100 years? Just population?
Read a little history

Here is more information gathered at public meetings:

Alsea Stewartship Committee

West Alsea Planning websites

Who owns Oregon waterways?

Pacific Fisheries Management Council Minutes

General Notices and Warnings:

Drug Recall: Common Cold Medicines

Public Forestry Information:

Fictitious Forestry Corporation exists only if you believe in it - they have no legal rights to dictate use of your private property - since you are not a corporation

Correct Way of Doing Forest Management

Organic Act of 1897

Library of Congress -THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 1897 ORGANIC ACT

Educational videos of our wasted tax dollars
Learn to protect your family.