Points About Alsea Stewardship Program 

Some points of prime importance about the Alsea Stewardship Program, and about that program in general, which may or my not require changes to the original bill - or to our understanding of how to implement it:

1. In no way should any project undertaken by the Alsea Stewardship Group (or for that matter any other Stewardship Group under the legislation) le3ad to the closure of any public forest or public lands to the public, or prevent the public use of public land for purposes of enjoyment, leisure, hunting, fishing, photography, camping or spiritual growth or aesthetic pleasure. This does not change or reduce the responsibility of each member of the public to use the public forest lands responsibly.

2. Make sure that neither the Alsea Group nor any member of it or any public land administration can be sued for public use of the public forest land for any harm that may arise from that use.

3. To allocate access to firewood to the public for those who want or need it to heat their homes, instead of burning the wood and debris in slash piles; and what is not taken after a specified time period shall be allowed to rest upon the forest floor as basis for future generations of forest or ground up and sprayed as nutrient for future generations of forest.

4. Any and all workers and crew members involved in work for the Alsea Group or with contractors contracted for by that Group shall be protected by the Alsea Group in that the Alsea Group shall as a group advocate for, and if necessary contest with (short of litigation) the insurance company or workmen's compensation if the insurer seeks to ignore, shortchange, minimize or avoid a fair compensation for injury incurred on the job. The Alsea Group shall not insure with that insurer again, and shall make publicly known its reasons why.