This website emerged as a result of the efforts of a disabled worker named Edward Johnston,(a political activist from Toledo) and his associates. The work was done on behalf of the interests of the public and the taxpayers during the 2005 state legislative session and the previous two sessions. Johnston and his associates went through literally thousands of bills; they analyzed, checked existing law relating to, argued over and (when they came to an agreement) wrote up their opinions on dozens of proposed bills. 

The standards we have used have been these:

1. Protection of and support for the U.S. and Oregon Constitutions and the rights and liberties guaranteed to each and every one of us by them.

2. Not to press for partisan advantage through legislation, nor make the case for one ideological side without respecting and listening to the case for the other side. The Republican goal of less government, and the Democratic goal of using government to protect and help people, are both viewed as worthy - but neither as infallible and both subject to scrutiny under the Constitution and for their impact on our liberty. 

3. To focus upon bills that reduce bureaucracy and red-tape while not damaging valid and important services; to support bills that reduce corruption and the potential for corruption, increase government accountability; and to oppose bills that do the reverse. 

4. To not support tax increases unless the harm to business and jobs will be minor, nor support tax cuts unless they help the poor and working families and individuals that need them the most.

5. To look for environmental solutions that do not harm the economy, and economic development ideas that do not hurt our ecosystems - and to accept, also, ideas that provide a high benefit in either realm (of ecology or economics) at the price of only a low harm in the other realm. 

Sounds difficult? Naw. Look at Senators Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith. If they can work together, beyond ideological differences, for the public good, then we can, too. And if we can do so, maybe you and your neighbors - and our Oregon state legislators - can do so, too.

We invite you to read our comments on bills now before the legislature. We will put them up along with the main laws or rules the bills would change. If you want to follow the bouncing statute references in some of them in greater detail, you can go to the Oregon State Legislature website, click on “Laws,” and look up the law being cited in any bill that interests you. The legislature has been good enough to put Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS - the legislature-passed laws) on the web, so it’s available. If you want to delve further, the Oregon Administrative Rules (agency-written rules that implement the ORS laws) are available at the Oregon Secretary of State website Oregon State Archives webpage.Written by associate
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This is only an opinion from Workers Comp Insider - a weblog by Lynch Ryan Workers compensation state News Roundup OR, AZ, MO:
... to abolish SAIF Corp., the state-owned worker's ... WCF began in 1917 with $40,000 in seed capital from the State...

From the source FindLaw for Legal Professionals - Case Law, Federal and State:
... within the meaning and purpose of the act...Plaintiff in error filed with the state ... practiced, part of the fee charged to the worker ...

From the records of the Kansas Supreme Court: … An injury to a nonparticipating employee from workplace horseplay arises out of employment and is compensable under the Kansas Workers Compensation Act. …Appeal from Workers Compensation Board.

From the Guide to Federal Records - Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs:
Finding Aids - Hill, comp., Preliminary Inventory of the Records of the Bureau ... Records relating to land tenure and acquisition, 1917-47. ... including letters sent, 1958-63; records of the area social worker …

From the New South Wales Consolidated Acts

Search the Cornell Law School - The Opinions of the US Circuit Courts of Appeal:
Employers in the state are required to OPINION/ORDER ... this claim because they will receive treble damages under the Act ... If the worker is an OPINION/ORDER Was awarded compensatory damages ...

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… company that has been in business since 1912 and HDR was established in 1917…