Today, a friend from junior hugh became another Silver Bullet victim. It was heart-wrenching, as he's never even met his son (born in May) and wasn't even aware of his birth details until court today for his domestic violence restraining order adjudication. 😒😡😞

To make matters worse, his former attorney didn't even inform him that the matter set was for his TRIAL. She stated it was a "continuation hearing." "New Dad" objected to the trial and requested a continuance in order to secure private counsel. All three of his requests... DENIED.

There always seem to be some level of *Facepalm* irony when advocating. In this case, "New Dad" now has a one-year DVRO against him, has never met or even laid eyes on his 4 month son, and parentage proceedings haven't even begun yet! In contrast, the history of domestic abuse in my own case, is clearly evidenced and documented throughout the past 9 years, but I was denied a DVRO, and the legal justification was never provided. The appellate case law I'm including here, may actually prove to be very useful to both sides of this highly abused aspect within the Family Court system. DVROs in California are usually very simple to obtain, but also extremely difficult to challenge and prevail. Hopefully, this case will offer some clarification:

Judges must cite reasons for denying restraining orders